The Swell

Surf Seasons in Jamaica

Jamaica is ideally located to benefit from the available summer and winter swells that grace the Caribbean and Jamnesia is the perfect base camp from which to launch your Jamaican surf adventure.

Copy of 2010 1 31 Zoo Lineup (7)
2010 2 18 Lighthouse p.m. Wave (3)
2007 9 10 Zoo Hurricane Ivan Billy (1)
2011 12 22 Makka Billy (11)

Summer trade winds make Jamaica a consistent place for surf from May to August, but that means only a couple of hours of glassy conditions in the mornings. However, the summer surf season brings waves of up to double overhead, and makes secret hidden spots come to life.

Winter cold fronts coming from the north bring consistent glassy conditions that can last all day from November to March. With waves that can get to double overhead, or even bigger, the winter surf season is Jamaica’s busiest season.

Scoring Waves

Experience the waves like the locals

Surf Shuttles and Surfaris

Getting to the Waves


Looking to score some waves with the locals? Take a ride  with our surf shuttle to catch the best early morning session within a 4-mile radius of the Camp for US $5. For an additional cost, the shuttle will venture to further spots such as Makkas

Surfaris are daylong trips to spots such as Boston Beach, Long Bay, Roselle and Prospect, among others. The price of a Surfari starts at will depend on the distance from the camp.

Surf Lessons

With Jamaica's best surf instructors


Jamnesia is home to Jamaica’s longest running surf school with some of the most experienced surf instructors on the island. Our surf school has produced most of Jamaica’s top surfers. For US $30, you can learn to surf at Jamnesia with the pros. We also offer personalized surf coaching for those who have already learned to surf but want to take their surfing to the next level.

Summer is an excellent time to learn to surf, and even more so for girls of all ages with Imani Wilmot’s #SurfLikeAGirl learn-to-surf summer camp. The Camp is held in July, and leads up to the Makka Pro International Surfing Competition.

Surfboard Rentals

We've got the equipment you need


Looking to ditch the hassle of traveling with a surfboard? At Jamnesia, we have a quiver of boards that will ensure you still score great waves. Our boards rent for US $20 per day for non-resident guests, and US $10 per day for guests staying with us at the camp.

There are no surf shops in Jamaica, so most of our boards have been donated by traveling surfers. We welcome any donations that can help us maintain the collection and pass the stoke along.

Surf Photography

Capture the experience


We know how much fun it is to score the best waves in Jamaica, but do all your friends know what they’re missing and how much fun you’re having? We’ve got you covered. Surf photographer, Billy Wilmot, will capture your epic moments and provide HD digital copies of your photos.

First image is US $10. US $1 for each additional image.